I'm Megan,
Hi, how are ya?

I have been a user experience researcher for 4 years. Besides user research, I enjoy video games, watching anime, and traveling.  

My three-bucket list includes backpacking Europe, living in another country, and owning a dog. I had a lot of pets as a kid and cannot wait until I am somewhere in my life where I can own a dog. If you are my future employer reading this, please let me pet-sit your animals! (For free!)


How I got started in user research

I've always wondered what makes people tick. Why do they think the way they do? What motivates their actions? How do people socialize and communicate with one another? I pursued a bachelor's in Psychology in order to answer this question. When it came time for grad school I realized that the future of communication was through technology. I received my Master's degree from The University of Wahington in Human-Computer Interaction and Design. This education in user experience gave me the foundational education as a user researcher.

What I've been working on 

At my current job, I am a user researcher for streaming video products for Japanese anime and other geek-related content. Crunchyroll and VRV are available across web, mobile, and living room products. I enjoy talking to geeks while being a geek myself. I use the methods of large-scale surveys, focus groups, usability testing, personas, interviews, ethnographies, and more. 

What I'm curious about

People in general. Why they think the way they do, why they behave they do, and what motivates them to do so. Why are people making the choices they do? What conscious and unconscious behaviors influence their decision making? I'm generally thinking about why people do what they do and the world in general. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. I can't tell you the amount I have changed as a person meeting and having friends from different walks of life. I can't wait to meet so many more. 

Contact me

Email me at: wilsonmeg18@gmail.com 

Thanks! Message sent.